Character Creator

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Character Creator is a monthly podcast about the ways in which video games influence our lives and culture. Each month, I talk with people from all across the gaming community about the games that made an impact on their lives. I've talked with an anthropologist who studies virtual worlds; an independent scholar who wrote a book about the history of the Army Game Studio; a psychologist who uses virtual reality to treat PTSD; a scholar who unpacked the layers of racism that informed the creation of many prominent augmented reality games; an Anishinaabe game designer who uses games to help preserve indigenous culture; a writer who used The Sims to imagine her way out of her rural childhood; the wife of Silas Warner, the man who first introduced the human voice to video games; and my next-door neighbor who, in the year 2000, became the first-ever United States champion of Pokémon. 

You can listen here, or most anywhere you get your podcasts.